Summoning of the Eclipse is SVDDEN DEATH's first ever music festival in Pelham, Tennessee at the legendary Caverns. Svdden Death was the 1st DJ ever to take on the cave, and after 2 years of doing so he decided to raise the bar even higher. For his 3rd visit back to the caves he decided to bring out all the stops, with the addition of a second, festival sized, stage at the amphitheater in the woods above the caverns. Festival attendees will have their chance to witness 58 mind blowing acts performing in an ethereal setting. You can see these acts underground in the legendary cave venue, or take a stroll above ground and enter the blood woods to experience the Summoning of the Eclipse.

Thursday, October 12th Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15th Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15th
5:00 PM CT - 12 AM CT 12:30 PM CT - 12 AM CT 12:30 AM CT - 4 AM CT


If you still need help or information regarding your attendance to the festival, you can contact us at the following loactions:

Twitter: @summoningfest

Instagram: @summoningfest





Re-entry will be permitted during the main festival. If you need to store warmer clothes for the evening in your vehicle or at your campsite you will be able to leave and re-enter during the main festival. If you have an after party ticket, you will be able to re-enter until 1:30 AM. No re-entry or any entry into the after parties will be permitted after 1:30 AM. 




The Caverns is located at 555 Charlie Roberts Road, Pelham, TN 3735

Venue is 90 minutes from Nashville, TN, 60 minutes from Chattanooga, TN, and less than three hours from Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL and Knoxville, TN. Located in Grundy County, Tennessee, The Caverns is a world-renowned destination for underground live music.

Closest airports:

1hr 20 min from Nashville, TN - BNA airport

1hr from Chattanooga, TN Airport

1hr 30min from Huntsville, AL Airport

Please Note, The Caverns is in the Central Time Zone! The venue sits on the edge of the time zone, so your phones or GPS-synced clocks may change back and forth. We recommend hard-setting them to the Central Time Zone. Either way, please keep this important note in mind!



Thursday, October 12th

5:00 PM CT - 12 AM CT

Pre-Party ticketing and check-in will begin at 4 PM


Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th

12:30 PM CT - 12 AM CT

VIP ticket holders will be able to enter at 12 PM. All other attendees will be able to enter at 12:30 PM. 


Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th

12:30 AM CT - 4 AM CT

No entry or re-entry to the after parties will be allowed after 1:30 PM


Thursday, October 12th

12 PM CT

Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th


Please vacate the parking lots 60 minutes after the final set. If you have an after party ticket, please vacate the lot 60 minutes after it ends. There wil be o overnight parking and any vehicle left overnight will be subject to towing.


Thursday, October 12th


Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th

12 PM CT - 9 PM CT

Please be sure to have your tickets screenshotted or printed out as there is limited service at the venue. You don’t want to be the one holding up the line! 


Enter at Gate 3 off Charlie Roberts Road. Please follow the signs on the road. Day parking opens at 12p CT on Thursday and 9a CT on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All cars must be off-site 60 minutes after the last performance of the night. If you have purchased an after-party ticket you must be off-site 60 minutes after the show or you are subject to being towed.

*There will be no overnight parking. Any cars left overnight will be subject to towing.

*No idle parking in the lots or on the road. Please do not arrive before gates have opened.



Thursday, October 12th

12 PM CT - 10 PM CT

*At lease ONE member in your vehicle must have a pre-party ticket in order to camp on Thursday

Friday, October 13th - Sunday, October 15th

9 AM CT - 9 PM CT

Have your tickets saved to your phone or printed and ready to show at check in!

Campground Access - Each camping pass allows one (1) car access to the camping area with up to four (4) people in each car. Only the people in the car will be allowed access to the campgrounds. You must arrive with everyone you want to camp with at the same time.

Only those with a valid camping wristband will be allowed to enter the campgrounds. This event is 18+ you will be required to show proper identification. Please do not arrive before the times listed above. There will be no idle parking outside of the venue prior to the gates opening.

Campground Re-entry - Anyone with a valid camping wristband may reenter the campground/venue on foot whenever the footpath is open. There will be no re-entry after 1:30 AM. For everyone's safety please do not drive in/out of parking lots once set up unless for an emergency. Vehicle reentry is not allowed after 9:00p CT. To make your experience comfortable, see Camping Amenities below.

Campsites - Camping spaces are 20’ x 20’ spots and big enough for one car, 1-2 tents, and a hang area. Camping sites will be marked to delineate your area. You are not allowed to save camping spaces; campsites are first come, first served. Camping spaces will be assigned to you. Parking attendants will show you your space upon arrival. Please do not ask to park anywhere other than where they show you to park. All camping sites are primitive.

Campground Amenities - Luxury shower and bathroom trailers will be available in the campground on Friday-Sunday from 9a-5p and Monday from 8a-10a All showers and bathrooms will be free for all to use! Bring your own towels, toiletries and sandals. Please limit showers to 5 minutes. See the map below for location. Porta Potties will be available all day and all night throughout the festival until Monday at 11 AM.

Food & Beverages - Outside food and beverages are allowed in the camping areas—tailgating welcome. No glass is allowed on the property. No outside food and beverages allowed past the footpath and in the venue / amphitheater / cave / festival area. Food vendors will be set up in the camping area and serving throughout the festival. Bagged ice, alcohol, soft drinks, snacks and some camping supplies will be sold in the campground at the concessions and general store near the vendors.

Grills - Gas Grills are permitted in The Caverns campground. Oversize grills, BBQ Pits, fire pits and other large cooking elements are not allowed. A “backyard gas grill” and below is a good rule of thumb for considering your size. Please do not bring charcoal grills, wood, fire pits, any type of fuel. Propane tanks restricted to 20 lbs and under only, no larger sizes will be permitted. All of these items will be confiscated at the gates and will not be returned.

Fires - Open fires are permitted at your campsite within reason. You may not have a fire on the ground. You will need to bring your own above ground fire ring or grill to have a fire. Please do not start a fire before your show begins or when you're planning to leave. All fires must be attended to constantly. If you do start a fire before your event, it must be completely extinguished when leaving the campground. No leaving lit fires unattended for any reason. The Caverns staff reserves the right to ask any patron to extinguish their fire(s) at any time.

Quiet Hours - The Caverns institutes Quiet Hours beginning at 11:00p CT each night. After this time, we ask that you keep noise levels to a respectful minimum that cannot travel beyond your campsite. Amplified sound/audio is not permitted after this time. We appreciate you helping us maintain a respectful experience for the local residents!

Departure - All patrons must depart the site by 11:00a CT on Monday, October 16th.



Arrival - Please do not arrive before the check in times listed above. There will be no idle parking outside of the venue prior to the gates opening. Tickets will be scanned at the entrance to the footpath.

Tailgating - You’re welcome to bring your own food and beverages and tailgate before entering the venue. No glass. Fires are not permitted in the day parking lots. No outside food or drink allowed inside the venue.

Re-entry - Re-entry will be permitted during the amphitheater shows from 12:30p-12a. No re-enry to late-night shows. All events at The Caverns are rain or shine. Limited tickets are still available!

Departure - All cars must be removed from the property 30 minutes after the performances each day or your car will be towed at your own expense.

Don’t have a place to stay? Check out Bigfoot Adventure or KOA Manchester for local camping. Also visit the regional tourism page for more lodging and general info about the area. The Caverns is not officially associated with the vendor listed above. You are using vendors at your own risk.


Outside food and beverages are NOT allowed in the venue, please leave at your car/campsite—tailgating welcome. No outside food and beverages allowed past the footpath and in the venue / amphitheater / cave / festival area. No glass is allowed on the property.

Water - Empty, clear plastic bottles under 32 oz are allowed in the venue / amphitheater / cave / festival site. 1.5L Hydration Packs will be permitted inside the festival grounds, but please keep them to a maximum of 2 pockets. Before entering, make sure the water pouch is empty. Inside the venue, you'll find convenient water refill stations to keep you hydrated throughout the event. The water inside the cave music venue bathrooms is not potable water, please do not drink the water from the tap in the venue. We will also water for sale at all concession locations. Be sure to stay hydrated!

Concessions - The main concessions stand is in the rear of the amphitheater. Mobile bars will also be throughout the venue. Concessions are also available inside the cave. Please note that alcohol cannot be sold after 3:00a CT. Concessions include beer, wine, canned cocktails, soft drinks, water and snacks.

Food & Craft Vendors - Food trucks will be available in the rear of the amphitheater each night. Craft vendors will be located in the back of the amphitheater. Only official, approved event vending will be allowed. No other sales will be allowed. Only snacks will be available inside the cave.


Outdoor Temperature:

~73° F average high and ~50° degrees F average low

Sunrise: 6:55a CT

Sunset: 6:01p CT

Chance of precipitation: Moderate to low - all events are rain or shine. Please bring rain gear in case a storm passes. Weather is subject to change. Please check local forecasts and watch your email and the venue’s social media for any needed updates. Strong thunderstorms are always a possibility in Tennessee. Please make sure all items and tents are secured to the ground.

Temperatures can drop at night in the fall, please watch the weather and plan accordingly to stay warm. The sun can be strong and there are limited shade options in camping areas. Please plan ahead and bring sun protection for you and your friends. Look out for each other so everyone has a great weekend.

The Caverns underground temperature remains 59 degrees year-round with 91% humidity. The cave feels cool when it's hot outside and warm on cold weather days.

The Caverns is an outdoor venue. Please be prepared by wearing proper footwear. The ground is uneven in many places and athletic/outdoor shoes are recommended. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. Please stay on footpaths at all times and look out for each other. There are snakes, ticks and other potential natural concerns, please be aware of your surroundings and watch out for each other at all times. Let event staff know if you have encountered anything out of the ordinary.


Please be aware and prepared that all vehicles, personal belongings, bags, cooler and all personal items will be subject to search upon arrival and at any time at the discretion of the event organizers and security. All items listed in the Prohibited Items list below as well as all/any illegal items are not permitted in the campgrounds, performance area, parking areas or the venue. No glass is permitted onsite. No weapons of any kind are permitted, including pocket knives. All patrons will be screened every time they enter the venue property from camping/day parking. All cars are subject to search upon arrival at check in.

Upon arrival please pop your trunk and show security any and all coolers. No glass is allowed at all, please do not bring wine/beer/liquor bottles, jars, or any other types of glass vessels. Please be aware that you will be screened every time you enter the festival grounds for your safety. Please empty all of your pockets and show security any metal you have on to speed up the process.


In case of an emergency please call 911 whenever outside of the cave. First aid is available onsite near the door of the Big Mouth Cave and at the First Aid tent in the camping area near the main entrance. Police and EMT will be onsite 24 hours a day for your safety & protection. Please seek out event staff if anything occurs and ask for assistance immediately. Please reference the site map for locations of first aid. Please see/notify site staff or police if you see anything out of the ordinary, unusual or if anyone makes you uncomfortable. Also, look out for each other and inform staff if someone does not appear to be able to safely navigate the site so we can assist them and avoid any injuries.


Wifi is available inside the Big Mouth Cave and near the Gift Shop area onsite - no password is required to join the network. Please open your network settings and join “The Caverns” network. There is no wifi available in the campground areas or the Big Room Cave. Cell service is not available inside either of the caves. Please plan ahead and use wifi chat apps like WhatsApp or Messenger to communicate with your friends when on Wifi. Wifi is not available in the campground and cell service can be spotty depending on the weather/provider.


The Caverns is in a very beautiful but rural area and access to rideshare companies is not possible at this time. Check out Bigfoot Shuttle Service who can be reached at 931-488-8652.

The Caverns is not officially associated with the vendor listed above. You are using vendors at your own risk.


Prohibited Items in Camping Area

These items will be confiscated if found and may not be returned

Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to:

Firearms (with or without permit)

Pocket Knives, multi-tools, or knives of any size

Pepper Spray or Mace

Illegal substances

Fireworks or flares flying prayer papers, or explosives

No oversized grills, smokers, BBQ pits, etc

No large open campfires. Please see “Fire” section listed below

Illicit goods or illegal substances

Laser pointers

Professional camera equipment or flash photography.

Audio or video recording devices

Noise making devices

No PA systems or speakers that can be heard outside of your own campsite

Pets, other than service animals; does not include comfort animals

No unauthorized vending

No generators (RVs with built in generators that run off the RVs gas are permitted, external gas generators and gas cans are not permitted. Solar generators are exempt)

No gas/fuel cans of any kind (with the exception of small propane containers for camp stoves listed above)

No kegs

No drones

No golf clubs

No hammers

No unauthorized merchandise

No helium or nitrous tanks

No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters

No one wheelers

No threatening signs or apparel

Anything else security deems inappropriate or unsafe

Prohibited Items in the Festival Area

No outside alcohol, food, or beverage

No coolers

No chairs, blankets or furniture

Smoking is not allowed onsite except in designated, marked areas. Smoking is never allowed under the roof of any of our caves.

No Poster Tubes (unless purchased onsite)

No professional cameras and all cameras with detachable lenses will not be allowed inside the venue. Please feel free to bring small point and shoot cameras, including GoPro cameras

No laser pointers

No bags larger than 12”x12x6”, including backpacks, briefcases, luggage or duffle bags Please bring small clear bags. A small clutch or fanny pack is acceptable but subject to search.

No inflatable furniture (WindPouches, or similar that do not require an air pump will be allowed)

No audio recording equipment/professional cameras/video equipment

No glass or glass containers of any kind

No knives of any kind

No picnic baskets

No tents

No totems

No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters

No wagons, strollers, or carts

No One Wheelers

No frisbees

No large markers, paint pens, or spray paint

No unauthorized soliciting, advertising, handbills, posters, product sampling, giveaways, etc.

No threatening signs or apparel

Anything else security deems inappropriate or unsafe


Clear bags (under 12x6x12)

Empty 32oz water bottles

1.5 L Hydropacks with two pockets or less - please be sure the water pouch is empty upon arrival

Nonclear bags, such as small purses and fanny packs, unnder 4.5x6.5


Covid-19 Protocol - We recommend you come prepared with your personal Covid-19 PPE that matches your comfort level. Please refer to info on Covid safety or the CDC or other qualified information.

More information to follow, subscribe to the festival newsletter or check back here for updates on events and policies.